Sunday, July 14, 2024

Shiva - Shakti

Three artists from different places, a photographer Melina Mulas, a dancer Nuria Sala, a writer Marilia Albanese, live again the happenings of a Goddess and her emotions.

Taking the movements from an ancient art, geographically and culturally well defined us the Bharatanatyam, they reinterpret it through gestures, images and words, placing it on the evocative background of Lithica, a cave of tufa in Minorca. In this place that brings to mind worship of the Great Mother, the mythical representations bring out the many aspects of the female archetype, bringing the research beyond the cultural and artistic datum, to experience the depths. The archetype of the female finds in the Indian image of the Goddess one of it’s most powerful and multiform representations: at the same time a terrible divinity and a loving mother, the Mistress of Life and Death, the projection of cosmic dynamism and the energy of transformation that incessantly creates and dissolves the universe.