Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Shiva and Euterpe

……when the Gods meet the Muses

Based on an idea by dancer Angela Dellepiane and pianist Pier Luca Astro.

Nuria Sala was specifically requested by Angela to work on her project after her passing away.

Mysteries of Orient between “Shiva the Lord of dancing” and “Euterpe the Muse of Music”.

Performance between Eastern and Western Cultures, where classical western music of the XIX century meets the classical dance theatre of India, intertwining not only the cultural part but also the esthetic and the artistic sensitivity.

From “Chiaro di Luna” of Beethoven, the “Sarabanda” of Handel, to the mystic Orient of Mozart; the traditional coreographies of India recalls the elements of the music that has been played.
The performance continues where music and dance blend together: the music of Schumann and the character of Sri Rama, the Spring Chant of Mendelssohn with the Karana and Rasa (emotions), the Chopin waltz made into a contemporary "Tillana", finishing off with the improvisation of Sirtaki, a Greek dance.

Piano: Pier Luca Astro
Choreography and dance: Nuria Sala Grau
Theater Garage _ Diana Theater in Genova Novembre 2010