Friday, June 14, 2024

Percussions, Voices and Dance for the Armed Machines

CANTIERE MEMORIA, on the occasion of the exhibition of the artist Paolo Gallerani THE ARMED MACHINES, an unprecedented reading of Paolo Gallerani's works, will be presented by the dancer Nuria Sala and the musician and composer Federico Sanesi.


A performance in which the language of music and dance interact with the sculptures and the installations of Gallerani, giving life to a subtle dialogue; creating "other" sound and space dimensions.

Transforming the sculptures' language on a sound and kinetic level. The shapes and the volumes of Gallerani's works, will be animated by the movements of the dancer Nuria Sala and the sound installations by the musician Federico Sanesi, drawing lines for a new space and new  configurations: gestures and sounds, in agreement and in contrast will be the leading actors, with the embodiment of the stories of love, travel, wars, sorrows, all that goes through on earth.

Structure and improvisation will alternate to create a mix of mysterious and unpredictable languages, where the emotions are released into a continuous narrative becoming. The relationship between matter, sound and movement is a continuous passage from the past to the present.

The gestures of the hands, the expressions of the face and the movements of the dancer blend with the many voices that derive from the music composition, in a dialogue between sound, gesture and matter that involves Gallerani's sculptures. A journey, that takes the spectator to another dimension, a boundary, a "constantly evolving poetry that brings to imaginary places".


Federico Sanesi: Percussion, Tabla, Voices and Electronics: Federico Sanesi
Dance and Voice: Nuria Sala: