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NAGA Group has been founded in 2006 by Nuria Sala Grau together of three of her students. The aim of Naga is to carry on a group work around Bharatanatyam

(a classical form of Indian drama-dance) as well as to share a research and experimentation path inside the language of dance, by gathering both the themes and the dialogue among the diverse languages of gesture. Alessandra, Giuditta and Annalisa have been selected for their qualities and sensibility, in a synchronic and well tuned accordance with Nuria. Their education as dancers and artist draws them all together to a common ground. Alessandra Pizza received an education in classical dance which is reflected in the sharpness of her lines, the ease in her gestures. Giuditta De Concini received an education in contemporary dance, wich shows in her comfort in composing through improvisation and immediate motion. Annalisa Deligia received a musical and rhythmic education, evident the preciseness and musicality of her moves.

Naga Group has presented a variety of traditional Bhratanatyam repertoire pieces as well as original compositions in different Italian Festivals.:
Festival “Oasi nel Deserto” Teatro Ridotto- Bologna, february 2006
Festival “Quest’altro mondo” Trento , may 2006
Festival Suk, Genova , june 2006
Healing Music Festival- Chiavari november 2006

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