Friday, June 14, 2024

Let's keep it for later

Languages of the body and sounds that interlace and that oftenare mixed between Eastern and Western culture, in an exchange of gestures and music. Unforeseen and ironical in the balance between improvisation and composition.

Solukuttu and feet, words and hands, “tabla”, breaths, drums, loops and spaces, “mudra” and seas, geometric whispers, and weights, dynamics, jumps, percussions, and white silences, these are same of the ingredients presents in the performance “Let’s keep it for later”, mixed in attentive theatrical direction.
The performance originated from a need of research and the exchange between the language of Contemporary dance and that of Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance), the dancers use both languages, going from one to the other. The music like the dance superimposes and crosses the drums and the “tabla” ( instrument of Hindustani music typical of north India), with Gong and instruments of North Africa.
The dramaturgical elaboration in the form of different scenes, is based on abstract theatrical ideas. The scenes succeed each other in a sequence on the thread of a rhythmic and sensitive breath, like white and colour, full and empty.


Dancers: Nuria Sala Grau and Cristina Negro
Tabla and Percussion: Federico Sanesi
Drums and Percussion: Filippo Monico
Direction and Lights: Antonello Cassinotti
Choreography and Music : quartet TPD
Costume: Irene Cinus

The performance, “Let’s Keep it for Later”
had its first night the 22 of April of 2002, for the Festival Pulsi, in
the Theater Greco, in Milan.

The performance “Let’s keep it for later” was selected
 for 2002 by “The urban Scene Project”- The Eutopian Association
for the Città Sane of the City Council of Milan.