Friday, June 14, 2024

Anghelos 7’ 58’’

Anghelos 7’58’’ is a sound space created in 1998 starting with recordings, of sounds of nature, human voices and spliced in the way of movie directors without ever alteraiting perception but making it up.

It is an announcement aimed towards the creation process of everyone, the flickering light in each one of us, to the secret and ancient principles which have been forgotten.

Giuliana di Bennardo


G. Di Bennardo started inviting artists to listen to her sound space Anghelos 7’58’’, asking them to give life to an opera. We find ourselves in front of each single opera but, at the same time, in front of a chorus that gives a sense of togetherness while performing a score by Giuliana.

Nuria Sala Grau danced in a blue costume with an Ipod in her ears, she was listening to Anghelos 7’58’’, with hands and feet colored in red while moving slowly on a big orange circle sprinkled with turmeric powder; the slow motion and the silence where very touching and full of mystery.

Angela Madesani