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The dance, whose origin goes straight back to the second millennium B.C., draws on the mythical repertory and depicts the feats of the gods with a precise body language which was codified from the beginning of the first centuries of the Christian era in the “Natyashastra”, an ample treatise concerning theatre, dance and music.

The Dance of Mystic Love

This is a journey through space and time following the thread of mystical thought .

The shattered minotaur

Who then is the Minotaur? Is he really the frightening beast who devoured the young athenians in the depths of his dark cavern, like the greek people transmitting their version, warriors, polemics, sons of Mycenae and readers of the Iliad?

Described shouts

Has its origin in the relationship between an ancient text, (The Old Testament, fragments from Qohelet, Daniel and Isaiah) and its visual and sonorous incarnation: to embrace the words so that they become dancing and singing bodies, and in that way to draw near sounds and gestures that inhabit the most distant stratifications of the human being.

Let's keep it for later

Languages of the body and sounds that interlace and that oftenare mixed between Eastern and Western culture, in an exchange of gestures and music. Unforeseen and ironical in the balance between improvisation and composition.


Migration of gestures and sounds in continuous movement. Cultures that meet thanks to dance and music; crossing between East and West, through art and its universal elements that mingle. A journey, walking across the limits, towards imaginary places.


An encounter between two dancers and two musicians, weaving a tapestry of gestures and sounds in an intercultural journey in which East and West meet.
Poetry in contiunuos evolution towards imaginary hybrid places,overcoming set boundaries.

The swallow

The last beats of wing in no man’s land.
Metamorphosis, where different arts succeed each other, generation after generation.
The flight, the incessant urgency of departure, incite the eternal cycle to unfold.

Steps of contagion

Encounter between dance and visual art
The leading line of the work is the concept of Contagion.
The objects on stage are: a totem, a heap of stones, a large gilded frame diagonally dividing the space.

The unveilled face

To talk about cultural anthropology is to question oneself about ones own cultural roots, trough confrontation with other realities. It is educate our attention to grasp in diversity the forming elements about the idea of “universal man”.

Traces "Gurugatha"

Traces “Gurugatha” is a prayer in honour of the Guru. It is a thanksgiving from Nuria to Krishnaveni Lakhsmanan and Kamala Rani, her Indian teachers of dance and music, who passed away a short time ago.

Navarasa: The vibrations of the soul

There are nine fundamental affective tonalities where the human mind vibrates, and their effects spread on all levels of the conscience associating itself besides, in the Indian tradition with particolar divinity, colours, musical keys, seasons, time of the day etc..


NAGA Group has been founded in 2006 by Nuria Sala Grau together of three of her students. The aim of Naga is to carry on a group work around Bharatanatyam

“On the way” 2007

Is a creation born of the exchange between Sandip Mallick indian dancer of Kathak, Federico Sanesi italian musician and composer and Nuria Sala spanish dancer of Bharatanatym and Contemporary dance.

Anghelos 7’ 58’’

Anghelos 7’58’’ is a sound space created in 1998 starting with recordings, of sounds of nature, human voices and spliced in the way of movie directors without ever alteraiting perception but making it up.

Music that Dances with the Song

During this event rhythm, dance and singing intertwine with one another in order to reach the poetry of life together.

Shiva and Euterpe

……when the Gods meet the Muses

Based on an idea by dancer Angela Dellepiane and pianist Pier Luca Astro.

Shiva - Shakti

Three artists from different places, a photographer Melina Mulas, a dancer Nuria Sala, a writer Marilia Albanese, live again the happenings of a Goddess and her emotions.

With the Whispering of a Chant

The teaming up of Eastern and Western artists and choreographers.
The Performance “ With the whispering of a chant”, is a poetical research between traditional and contemporary aspects that crosses and turns themes and the language of the dance-theater Bharatanatyam into actuality.

Metamorfosi Trecento

There was a time, the time when myth was the most powerful explanation of our world, when the existence of men, animals, gods, trees and flowers were connected in a fluid and always exchanging chain. Travelling through different forms of being was frequent and was a way – if not the way – to know. The most influent myths in european culture has been and are the greek ones. In the fourteenth century Italian and french cultures there happens a renaissance of the Antiquity that we normally associte to next century's humanism. 

Percussions, Voices and Dance for the Armed Machines

CANTIERE MEMORIA, on the occasion of the exhibition of the artist Paolo Gallerani THE ARMED MACHINES, an unprecedented reading of Paolo Gallerani's works, will be presented by the dancer Nuria Sala and the musician and composer Federico Sanesi.


Music, dance, poetry and art are but different dialects in the language of self expression. These dialects were in conversation and responded to three poems that speak about women’s lives, about choices that she needs to make, about aloneness and belonging, desire and passion, compromise, loss and solidarity.