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Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher; Nuria was born in Barcelona, Spain. She studied the modern dance techniques Graham and Limon in Lausanne, Switzerland and continued her training in classical and contemporary dance in France, Lyon and Paris. She worked with the dance company "Cecil P. Booth," directed by Chantal De Launay.
In 1988 she met an Indian dancer, Savitry Nair, with whom she began her studies of Bharatanatyam. She specializes in this style in Chennai, India, under the guidance of Krishnaveni Lakshmanan, the Art Director of "Kalakshetra" Dance Academy. She studied Carnatic music and Nattuvanar (rhythmic music theory) with the famous musician Kamala Rani and continued to learn dance from excellent Bharatanatyam teachers, like C.K. Bala Gopalan, Priyadharshini Govind, C.V. Chandrasekhar and Leela Samson, - her main mentor today. At the same time the study of contemporary dance with Françoise and Dominique Dupuy gives her new tools for her creative work on the integration of different languages of dance.
Nuria Sala graduated in Psychotherapy at the Institute Humanist of Pscicoterapia in Barcelona (Spain), qualified as "Danza educatore"  (dance educator) at the First National Course, organized by Mousiké, D.A.M.S. (University of Bologna), together with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. She has taught dance to students of all ages and backgrounds for over twenty five years. Since 2007 she has been a Professor of the Indian Dance-Theatre Bharatanatyam at the Conservatory of Music "A.Pedrollo" of Vicenza.

Choreographic creations: "Crossing", "Angelos", "With the Whispering of a Chant", "Described Shouts", "Dance of Mystic Love", "The Unveiled Face", “The Swallow”," Metamorphosis 300" , “Traces Gurughata ", " Vasundhara "," Let's keep it for Later”, "On the Way”, “Migration”, “The Steps of Contagion”, “The Shattered Minotaur”, “NavaRasa”, " Shiva and Euterpe”, "Music that dance with the song"," Shiva-Shakti”, “Akasmik"...

Collaborations: Sandip Mallick, Amelia Cuni, Federico Sanesi, Madhuri Chattopadhyay, Brigitte Revelli, Chantal de Launay, Ghislaine de Montaudouin, Giulianna Di Benardo, Maresa Moglia, Stephen James, Gianni Ricchizzi, Savitry Jaganat Rao, Flavia Bucciero, Ujwal Mukund Bole, Cristina Negro, Fausta Squatriti, Neela Bhagwat, Augusto Modigliani, Mirella Costa, Paolino Dalla Porta, Marilia Albanese, Melina Mulas, Astad Deboo, Barbara Friedrich, Luca Scarzela, Carla Sanguineti, Vicenzo Zitello, Francesca Cassio, Germana Giannini, Patrizia Mattioli, Anjali Purohit…

Edite publications: in 2013 it was published with MC Editions "Continually Dance, Infinity in Body”  by Nuria Sala  and Michela Bianchi. In 2011 the book "Beyond Dancing" by Dominique Dupuy, Ephemeria edition is published my essay: "The Ritual of the Dancer". In 2011 "The Hand Care" by Patrizia Sanvitale, Marsilio Editori, in the book is published my article: “Hands in the Bharatanatyam,  Indian Theatre-Dance Classic.

Theaters and festivals: Teatro Dal Verme, Milan, P.A.C. (Contemporary Art Pavilion), Milan, Teatro Nuovo, Verona, Teatro Rossini, Pesaro, Teatro Metropolitan, Catania, SUQ of Cultures Festival, Genoa Science Festival, Genoa, Kalamandir Theatre and Padatik Theatre, Kolkata (India), Kalachaya Hall, Poone (India), Shiva Temple "Marundishwera", Chennai (India), International Festival of Music, Dartington (UK), Festival International de Sousse, Sidi Eddaher Theatre, Sousse (Tunisia), Houdetsi Festival, Crete (Greece), Casa Asia , Barcelona (Spain), Teather Egyetemi Szìnpad, Budapest (Hungary), Theater Almássy Teri Budapest (Hungary), Szabadidòkozpontban Theater at the University of Budapest, Festival "Songs of Distant Skies", Venice (Italy), the "Festival of Ancient Music" Lago D 'Orta (Italy), "Ethno Festival" in San Marino ,, International Festival of Sacred Music Festival in Pordenone ,, "Adda Danza" International Festival "E' Wind Sound" ,, Teatro S. Giorgio, Udine, Festival "the Sacred through the Ordinary" at Cloister S. Filippo, Turin, Teatro S. Fedele, Milan, Festival "for the Arreu tothom", Cadaques (Spain) ... and many other festivals and theaters in Europe and abroad.